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Our aim is to create an unique collection of footwear that will demonstrate the importance of the footwear industry in former Czechoslovakia between the years 1945-1989.

We closely cooperate with numerous institutions and enthusiasts individuals in the aim to build this collection.

What we are looking for?

The main subject of our interest is to collect a footwear produced in Czechoslovakia in post-war era.  We are interested in all types of footwear (high heels, casual, sport, military...)

We also collect posters, calendars and other promotional material connected with footwear industry.

How to identify the shoes?

Probably the easiest distinguishing feature is if you find a labe "Made in Czechoslovakia" printed most likely on the lining part of the shoe.

A brand names of a production factory can also be helpful. Most commonly used tags of that time were: Svit, ZDA, Botas, Bopo, JAS, Sázavan or CEBO.

Five good reasons why to help us:

1 By donating an old pair of shoe, you are getting so needed space for a new pair of footwear in your closet!

2 Searching for an old pair of shoe is a very good reason to visit your mum or a grandma. While browsing their cabinets together you are most likely to find yours almost forgotten memories as well!

3 You will help us to save cultural heritage that would otherwise be lost forever!

4 "Reuse!" your memorable old pair of shoe deserve better than a rubbish bin. From the dark place of the closet to lights of galleries!

5 You will feel better at the end of the day by helping us :D